Alzheimers and us....

E- Yesterday J and I attended the Memory Day 2016 in Columbus, Ohio. It was an emotional day. This epidemic is in full swing and it doesn't discriminate. Young, old, black, white, men, women.....AD is on every street in every city in the US.

Yesterday we sat with a 44 year old woman who is married with 4 kids ages 11-15. She has a family history of early onset AD and she recently completed the genetic testing to determine if she too will develop early onset AD. The results were positive (she carries the gene and will develop early onset AD) and this amazing individual told her story all day long yesterday. We met with Nan Baker and Nathan Manning and the well spoken, beautiful 44 year old told her tale without crying. I'm not sure how she did it but she did and I am positive she captured the attention of both state representatives who listened to her honest request for increased funding to find a cure for this miserable disease.

Upon returning home I met up with our parents in the kitchen. Our Mom was carrying a pile of folded blankets and our Dad was asking when 'all the people' will arrive. I smiled at both of them and gave them each a hug. I told my Dad I'd let him know when everyone was arriving and I guided my Mom back to her room with the blankets.

Our world with AD. So different from the mother of 4. Both involving large families ages 11-76. This disease is tragic with less than favorable outcomes at this time. Please, please,  PLEASE  help change this with us. Contact your local AD chapter and get involved with finding a cure for this epidemic.

J: My take on the day was much like my sister's: AD at this point is a tragic and hopeless disease.  I think the thing that hit me the hardest was when they compared this disease to cancer.  The cancer runs/walks that are held every year have an air of hopefulness about them because there are survivors proudly wearing t-shirts announcing how long they have been cancer free.  There are NO SURVIVORS of AD.  EVERYONE who has it dies with it or from it.  We need to find a cure.