K- As I mentioned in my previous post, there is another saint on the street where my parents reside and that is brother-in-law, J.  My sister and he purchased the home my parents built  12 years ago and remodeled it.  This past fall they said goodbye to their youngest son as he went off to college and their nest was finally empty.  However, 2 months later the in-laws moved in across the street.  

Alzhiemer's takes most of your memory, but some things of the way distant past are still there-like the house you built in 1962.  It's still yours!!   

My Dad visits his "old house" on a daily basis.  He has to only cross the street and head two doors down and "he's home".  To his credit, he always knocks and then enters with his resounding "hullo". This greeting is always echoed by whoever is in the house, followed by giggles and eye rolling.  But my brother in law, always seems to get up and greet him with a "hello Sir" as if he was expecting him.  No deprecation in his voice, J is always so gracious to him for which I am  grateful.  

But then there are the days when Dad has arrived and heads upstairs to the bedroom to shower and change (a routine from 40 years ago) and this is always handled with patience and redirection.  No hard feelings on Dad's part, he merely walks out, across the street and will return within the next few hours!!  

My sister and J can't really say they have an empty nest because the cuckoo birds fly in daily (and I say that with lots of love) but the nest is always warm and welcoming.  Today I toast my bro-in-law for this patience and kindness to our family, especially my parents.