The helm of our home...the kitchen sink

E- Our remodeled kitchen was designed to allow full monitoring of essentially the entire first floor while standing at the kitchen sink. The captain can quickly pivot to the gas range if our Mom is armed with a glass of wine that is headed for the burner, he/she can speak directly with anyone using the bar sink for disposal of dinner items, load/unload the 2 dishwashers without losing track of the duo, assess the foot traffic in and out of the half bath and most importantly monitor the master suite usage. The kitchen sink is action central. 

Well Sunday morning I rolled the dice while home alone with our Mom. I assumed that my laundry run up the steps would only take 2-3 minutes. Unfortunately I caught a glimpse of the boys' bedrooms. The many folded clothes that had lovingly been delivered to their rooms were now on the floor with wet towels partially covering them. I was less than impressed and began rescuing my laundry efforts, cursing all the while. Needless to say I had exhausted my 2 minutes away from Molly McFingers. 

I flew down the steps and found our Mom at the helm spinning slowly in a circle with her favorite Lanz nightgown 75% removed from her person, arms in the air with her head covered by the body of the flowing gown. Fortunately she was dressed underneath so other passing ships did not get a free show. She apparently decided to dress in the gown then realized her error (while I was swearing like a sailor upstairs) and attempted to remove the lovely Lanz nightgown. I steadied her by holding both shoulders and asked through the flannel "what are you doing?" Her response "well what do you think I'm doing?"

Lesson- Stay close to your loved ones with AD. Generally our Mom moves at a snail's pace but I swear she knows when she's been left unsupervised! Thankfully Mom said "well gads, this is nuts" and we both laughed it off!