The Anxiety Roulette Wheel

Our dad has anxiety about a multitude of things.  We joke that he spins the roulette wheel to see what he will be anxious about each day.  Some days it's something as simple as a missing mitten or the ^%$^& cell phone that seems to always go missing. These are easy to fix and we allay the anxiety as quickly as it arises.  Other days he spins "I need to get my license back"  This leads to lots of circumlocution about new driving laws, testing requirements and the overall cost of driving.  He often requests to talk to a judge or an attorney about his legal rights, and we are usually able to appease him by promising to make some phone calls. 

But today was a bad day for our dad. He spun the mother of all anxieties " someone is after my money".  Despite being a spectacular spring day, things got off to a bad start early.  The morning caregiver accidentally unearthed THE BINDER which holds all of dad's financial papers.  He is extremely anxious about all things financial and no amount of reassurance can talk him down when he has ahold of THE BINDER.  The poor caregiver was apoplectic.  She had no idea that she had touched the holy grail.  E and I quickly went in to defense mode: long walks around the neighborhood, vague promises to make appointments with his financial adviser, trip to the driving range, and then, finally, a beer.  

I know that anxiety is a giant part of AD and it gets worse as the disease progresses.  It is just so difficult to see dad worried about something that is not a problem and not be able to reason with him.  I'm hoping for a better spin tomorrow . . .