Dog Gone It

J:Our parents hate pets.  We never had one growing up and each time we asked we were met with stories of pets of our parents' past.  Mom would recall her brothers parachuting cats (with home made parachutes) from bridges, and dad would talk of their pet dog flying out of the car when his mom (who was a terrible driver) took a sharp turn and the door sprung open.  In addition to being adverse to pet smells, hair and expense, pets were also non-productive, which rendered them completely obsolete in our household.

In their new digs, our parents have a pet.  The family dog has, of course, taken an extreme liking to our parents, especially our mom.  Every time our mom sits down, the dog sits next to her.  And then mom, who has NEVER said a bad word, utters a string of expletives.  This just seems to endear the dog to her even more. And to make matters worse, when I come across the street with my dog, that dad has affectionately named Big Black (which my dog hates, as she has always struggled with her weight) she also seems to have eyes only for our parents.  Maybe it's because our parents only refer to the dogs, both females, as boys, that the dogs hang so tight.  Perhaps the dogs are planning an "all girl ambush" on our parents. Perhaps it's because our parents tend to graze frequently and often have crumbs available for an alert dog.  Whatever the case, the dogs are working hard to prove that they are man's best friend, whether or not the feelings are reciprocated.