Show Me the Money

J: I've decided to get involved with the Alzheimer's Association as an advocate.  I'm making my first trip to Columbus next week to talk to our legislators regarding what is being done to increase the funding for Alzheimer's research.  The need is overwhelming.  

Currently Alzheimer's disease is the MOST expensive disease in America, exceeding heart disease and cancer. In Ohio alone, over 210,000 people are living with AD and that figure will DOUBLE by 2050, with someone being diagnosed every 66 seconds.  If you don't know someone with AD, chances are you will.  Soon.

As of the 2015 budget, there is less than $1 billion dollars allocated for AD research annually. There is over $6 billion allocated for cancer research.  We need to petition our legislators to make more money available for research.  It is the ONLY way we are going to find a cure for this disease. 

A final figure - there are over 596,000 AD caregivers in Ohio alone, providing in excess of $8.6 billion dollars worth of care.  This is truly a disease of the caregiver.  We are working so hard, yet losing this battle.  PLEASE petition your representatives and let them know that research dollars for AD must increase.