Code Cra-Cra

E- Hospitals are code crazy...Code red=fire, Code blue=adult medical emergency, Code pink=infant abduction and the list goes on. No one knows when a code will occur so hospital staff must be ready at the drop of a hat to switch into high gear and save the situation. Well.... dementia comes with its codes too and we have many here on the Parkway. 

Last night an unexpected family member visited at 6:45pm unannounced. Now understand that my doors are (literally) always open but 6:45pm is pushing the visiting hour limits. It had been an average day for our Dad which included an anxiety filled visit to the dentist. The evening was winding down. The neighborhood walk was completed, several desserts ingested along with "knock out pills" chased with the last sip of Dortmunder. Things were looking to follow the normal bedtime rituals noted in a previous post (which would have been so so welcomed...a simple feud over mattress vs chair). 

The perfect storm...AKA The Trifecta. Here we were...the poop and the unexpected visitor which rocked his world, a second dinner prep underway for my kids and our Dad who was still dressed in daytime clothes but now metabolizing the meds and still trying to function. The kicker....I was solo...sis across the street MIA, hubby traveling for wingman was my 13 year old.  K texted a casual "how's it going" exchange...and here's what followed:

E- Dad visiting with G. He can't be making any sense though bc he had his two footballs and a circle already from Denise. 

K- Ouch

J- (prior to disappearing into the night) And don't forget he's had 4 beers today. 

K- Ouch 

E- Dad is eating second dinner with boys and enjoying another beer. he's added wine to empty beer mug. He needs to go to bed. He's gonna puke!

E- OMG now he's eating ice cream. Wingman sensing significance at this time and trying to help. Dad appears to be in trance. Mom tucked in though, one down. Dad in bedroom and teeth brushed but circled back to kitchen for Irish Soda bread. 

E- I need to get him into bed STAT. Trying to reason with him, now he's relocating his golf clubs again. J-mayday, mayday. Need back up. We've got a Code Cra-cra unfolding. 

K- Where is J? (million dollar question at this point....did not know it was movie night for the couple)

E- Mom awake now and attempting to get out of bed. Told her No Way. Stay Put. We have ourselves a FOUR ALARM going on here!!!!!

E- It's 8:50 and Dad is back in kitchen again. I'm losing strength and I think I'm seeing things. 

K- Where is J? 

E- Dunno. And wingman just clocked out saying "this is a *#$@*&$ freak show". Smart boy. So now I am ALONE with the sleep walker. Night shift arriving in 10 min. Not interested in greeting her. Must end this night. 

E- Yes. But now that ass is in bathroom and probably will be for a while considering the 45,976 calories he's packed in. I think he's running out of steam. Hoping to tuck him in after he tortures the toilet. Mom now laughing in bed. 

OK- to the reader- your take aways from this ....1. stick to the routine. It's necessary.  2. Know where your sister is at all times. 3. Once bedtime meds are on board, bed is the next step. 4. Make time for yourself during the controlled portion of your day. ( I had worked out after work and taken a shower prior to the showdown...)