Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make me a Match

J:Our parents were married in November, directly after graduating from college the previous May.  In our dad's mind, this is how things are done.  There is no room for bachelor-type activities. Once one has graduated, one needs to get busy getting married.  Now that two of my boys have graduated from college, their grandpa's first question to them is "well, when will you be . . .?" and we all know to fill in the words "getting married?"

Luckily, the boys have strong sphincters and haven't literally filled their pants when grandpa starts this line of questioning.  Occasionally grandma will back up grandpa's question with a "and how many children do you have?"  And still the boys retain their composure.  The end result of this type of exchange between grandson and grandparents?  "Grandma, grandpa, can I get you a beer?"