Word Search

J: While our mom has developed quite the acerbic tongue (as mentioned in yesterday's post), our dad has lost most of his ability to express himself.  We can see an idea come into his head, but when he tries to express it, the words just aren't there anymore.  What results is a cross between a word search, a cross word puzzle and an odd version of Name That Tune.  

He begins strong with a query  like "What time is the  . . "  And that's where it all falls apart.  He has our attention and we are all on the hunt to fill in the blank.  "What time is the what, Dad"?  We all ask.  Then the hand gestures start.  Usually he rounds his hands and makes motions like he's smoothing out a sand castle. That could mean anything from what time is church to what time is dinner.  If we don't hit on the right word he will often start with a hand chopping motion.  This opens the word search up exponentially.  We were obviously way off base with the church/dinner suggestions.  

Unfortunately for all of us, often we can't determine what the question was meant to be.  The frustration on his face is apparent, and our lack of understanding is disappointing for us as well. The end result?  "Dad, can I get you a beer?"