Through sickness and health……and living with your parents!

The real unsung hero in our situation has to be my brother-in-law, with whom my parents reside. If you would have told him 20 years ago that our parents were part of his marital package, I wonder if he would have run.  Thankfully he has always had a great relationship with them, and a special connection to my Dad having lost his own at an early age.  

So now he finds himself in his early 40's with the American dream; a wife, 3 beautiful, healthy sons, a dog (with a neurological problem), 10 caregivers roaming in and out of his house, and our parents.  Wouldn't anyone want to come home to that after a hard day on the job???

He has handled it all so far with grace and fortitude.  He has not beaten my sister, kicked the dog or spiked the Dortmunder which Dad drinks daily!  He has been forced to build a loft in an upstairs bedroom and install a TV and couch as their "safe room". A place all 5 of them go when "the daisys" are roaming.    He was reminded by our Dad after they moved in that his office was really Dad's office and so B moved his home office downtown!!   Nice guy!

My other brother- in -law, who lives across the street in the house my parents built, is also a hero and I will laud him in another post!!  Suffice it to say, my sisters married well and for that I am very thankful.