K:HAPPY EASTER!  I think the Good Lord could have risen 1,000 times today as this has been quite a long day.  No help due to holiday.  Parents have been acting accordingly; Dad insisting on taking a picture of Jimmy Carter to church with him in his coat pocket and Mom has been just shuffling and finding everything interesting.  We have taken many walks, visited Mom's brother, taken Dad to driving range, had dinner and said good bye to all college kids as they headed back to school and the sun is still shining!  I am tired. What you realize when you're around this situation is that they dictate your day.  I would love to nap.  Not happening due to needing to close my eyes to do so would be trouble.   We return to Dallas tonight.  Its been an intense few days.  I feel for my sister who remains behind to oversee their caregivers all week.  I always feel sad leaving them as I never know if it's the last time I'll see them, or the last time they will recognize me. 

J: Wow, this has been a long day.  Church was long, but I wish it was longer.  Our parents are so well behaved in church that it's a shame we can't find a way to keep them there longer.  But it did have to end so then we were on our own, with 9 long hours to fill before the nighttime help arrives. We are at hour 5 now and, as my sister has mentioned, we have accomplished everything we need to do, over and over again, and yet the clock refuses to move forward.  We just returned from the driving range, where my dad was happy to hit every ball that I teed up for him.  I tried to look at is as a workout and just prayed he wouldn't clock me with the driver as I was setting the ball.  We rounded out the round with a beer at the bar where he showed me all the range balls he had lifted from the range.  We returned home and I helped him get in the shower, certainly not a task for those with weak stomachs.  I don't know any daughter who wants to see her dad nude.  While he needs help getting undressed and into the shower, he can still dress himself.  So I left him to his own devices once he was in. And much to my surprise, and truly the highlight of the day, was my dad emerging dressed in my mom's clothes.  They fit, so what the hell.  Another day in the books.  

K:While packing just now I left my phone on the counter and arrived to find my mother washing it.  Not two minutes later we watched her take a swig out of a bottle of red wine.  Who is this woman??   Still LOL.