All of that Commotion . . .

J: As E said, the BIG NIGHT went well.  It was a wonderful tribute to our parents.  Our brother G was really hoping that we could bring them to the event, but we knew that it would be too much for them.  Instead we planned a dinner for all of the out of town guests at E's house on Saturday night. That way, we reasoned, Sweet T and GRB could visit with their kids and grandkids in a calmer setting. 

The best laid plans . . .  E's husband B cooked all day Saturday and their house smelled amazing by 7:00.  We were all excited for the arrival of the out of town guests.  Well, almost all of us. T and G were already looking tired when they arrived.  And they arrived with lots and lots of noise and fanfare, as young men are wont to do.  I was sitting with T when they walked in and they were yelling and chest bumping their cousins.  T had a wild look in her eyes.  I said "isn't it great to see all of your kids and grandkids?" and she said, pointing a finger a the crowd "I'll be happy when all of THEM are in bed".  So much for a happy homecoming!  

As far as GRB goes, he retreated to his room when the crowd arrived.  When I went in to announce to him that dinner was served he was in bed under a blanket.  I said "dad, do you want to get up and have dinner with everyone?"  Without opening his eyes, he said "Hell, no".  So I rephrased my comments and said "Dad, get up, it's time for dinner."  He did get up, he ate, and then he went to bed.

Our parents were never fans of commotion.  They liked peace and quiet.  Clearly we made the right call in not bringing them to the concert with the 2000+ people in attendance!