The Book Ends

J:  Life is back to normal on the Parkway.  Sweet T and GRB were happy to see us but didn't seem like they had missed us while we were gone.  We showed them the pictures and they smiled but they didn't register that it was us in the photos.  Another day at the beach, literally.  And so we go on.  

I was reading Regina Brett's column on Sunday about her first Christmas without her mom and how difficult it was to have this giant hole in her life.  Even though her mom's AD was very advanced, Regina recounted how she spent last Christmas day with her mom, singing carols and watching Christmas shows.  It was a long day, she remembered, but one she longed for this year.

I am certain that is how we will feel when the Daisies aren't with us anymore.  They are truly the bookends of our lives here on the Parkway.  Every activity is filtered through the "how will the Daisies do with this" filter.  Their well being is always uppermost in our minds and we revise our plans accordingly.  Sometimes it is a pain in the ass, but the necessity of it is never questioned.  They are our priority.  So what will happen when one of the bookends is missing?  When both are missing?  Our filters will shift; our priorities will shift, our lives will change.  

I am happy that our parents still serve as the bookends in our lives.