This is No Clip Joint

J:  Here we are in an absolutely gorgeous place enjoying the last day of an amazing vacation.  All 18 of us have had so much fun and created so many memories.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here with everyone and celebrate life and health and happiness together.  

The vacation has been an easy one, with everyone doing their own thing.  Some of us golfed, some of us fished, some of us hung at the beach or went to the spa.  There was plenty to do, and it always seemed that there was someone who wanted to do what you were doing.  A perfect way to spend a week.  Each time we ran into each other, we would stop and visit for a few minutes, and almost without fail, we would offer up some sort of a GRB-ism for our parting words.

Our dad had many famous sayings, and we've clearly incorporated all of them into our lexicon.  On first arrival we realized that this place is really nice, it's no clip joint (GRBism meaning you were being fleeced).  The sun was very strong each day, necessitating greasing up (GRBism meaning apply sunscreen liberally).  The buffet was lavish, and each time we went we encouraged each other to garbage up (GRBism meaning eat as much as you can because we've already paid for it). If we were trying to organize an event at a certain time, we would encourage everyone to circumcise their watches (GRBism meaning to agree on a meeting time).   And, of course, on meeting each other, we would always offer a hearty Hullo, hullo hullo (GRBism meaning hello)

GRB is clearly a huge influence in our lives and we all realize how lucky we are to call him dad and grandpa.  He couldn't be here with us, but we certainly have him with us in our hearts.  Thanks, dad, for making all of this possible.  We love you!!