GRB's Coat of Many Buyers

J:  One of our amazing caregivers took GRB shopping for a new winter coat today.  His current coat is a little snug, complements of his Dortmunder habit.  She found him a perfect coat, light weight yet warm and a dark color to hide all spills.  But he didn't want it.  No matter how she tried to spin it, he didn't want a new coat.  She told him that she was buying it for her son and convinced him to try it on as he is the same size as her son.  So she purchased it and brought it home, storing it in the back closet.  

I showed up a couple of hours later and found the coat where she had left it.  I put it in a new bag and presented it to GRB as my Christmas gift to him.  He was thrilled, and it was completely new to him.  Again, it was the perfect fit, color etc.  Almost like he had already tried it on.

I don't feel the least bit guilty about this prank, as I've been told that when I was younger my parents would rewrap Christmas gifts to give me as birthday gifts since my birthday is shortly after Christmas.  Turn about is fair play.  Merry Christmas!