What Child is This?

J:  I was visiting with E and our parents last night and E and I were discussing a friend who is pregnant with her fifth child.  Sweet T was listening in and shaking her head in disbelief that someone would have five children.  So we reminded her that she, too, had five children.  This got the attention of GRB, who was busy finding the bottom of his mug of Dort.  So we ran through the list of their children, stopping with each name to give a couple of identifying features of each child.  And with each name their combined looks of incredulity grew, like we were telling them the tallest tale imaginable.  Even when we got to our names and said "we are your kids" they laughed like we had really delivered a killer punch line.

As I walked home through the dark, cold night, I was thinking about the power of Alzheimer's disease and its ability to strip away every memory that makes people who they are.  The absolute futility of life without memory is so glaring.  

And again I am left with my faith, thanking God for sending His son to us at Christmas to show us the promise of eternal life where all memories will be restored and we will live in perfect health with God forever.  "The King of Kings, salvation brings . . ."  Amen