Lesson Learned

E- Tonight was a bit of a plot twist on the Parkway. I didn't arrive home until 6:45pm and G was in bed but his shoes and glasses were still on while Sweet T was visiting with our sweet caregiver and my son in the family room.  The caregiver informed me that she had attempted to wake G to give him his knock out pills but he refused. We all know better than to allow him to attempt sleep without the knock outs! So as I began to heat up dinner for myself I opened a Dortmunder for my sipping pleasure.

And just like that he emerged from the bedroom...G was up and eyeing the Dort in my hand. He circled the island a few times while I was slowly, cautiously talked to him about another insurance salesman I met who knew G from days gone by. I told him that the gentleman referred to G as a "Big Cahoona" in the insurance world. My Dad sorta looked at me and then again at the beer and said "well I'd like one of those" (pointing at the beer). 

He then asked me if it was tomorrow. He must have really been sleeping soundly for 30 minutes! I told him that I was hopeful that tomorrow would come but currently it was still today and nearing bedtime (for real). He nodded along and sipped his Dort to chase down the knock out pills.  Generally the practice of administering meds with beer is frowned upon but we have loose rules around the holidays :) 

So, the lesson learned this evening...pour the beer in a plastic cup after 6pm. It's too risky to allow the man to think a new day has begun before he's logged his 12hours of sleep!! Furthermore 'ladies' are NOT to drink beer from a bottle, a lesson I was taught year ago by my polite Dad!!

I am always learning and being reminded of old lesson plans from my past!