Sweet T and the FCC

J:  Back in the day, we were not allowed to watch ANYTHING on TV that was not sanctioned by Sweet T.  She was worse than the FCC in monitoring shows for violence, misogyny, or, God forbid, foul language.  The Catholic Universe Bulletin was her yardstick for appropriate viewing material, and if the UB disallowed it, we were forbidden to turn it on.  If, by chance, we happened to catch a minute or two of a forbidden show before she knew what we were up to, she would explode with furious indignation and shout "absolutely, positively turn this garbage off"  And if we protested that everyone else was watching it, she would respond that she didn't care if the Pope was watching it, we were not.

So imagine my surprise when E reported that she returned home yesterday to see Sweet T ensconced in an easy chair happily watching South Park.  The worst of the worst shows!  Deceased editors of the UB had to be rolling in their graves!  Such drivel penetrating the lily white ears of Sweet T!  Truly AD has taken the last of her sensibilities.  Next thing you know she will be wearing shorts on an unseasonably warm day in November; dressing for the day and not the season.  Another egregious error.  Heaven help us!

E- just to add some additional detail for another LOL- I walked in on my 14 yr old in charge of Sweet T and he was just kindly covering her with a blankie and letting her know that South Park was about to start...he then sat down on the floor next to her and together they LOL at the most ridiculous show on TV today!! See my son was in charge for 15 minutes while the caregiver and G were on an emergency beer run for Dort. Soon after I witnessed the laugh-a-thon between T and my son, G came in hot thru the porch door carrying the case of Dort with a huge, college like grin on his face. He offered all of us beers multiple times and the only taker was my 16 year old son. 

Just like college ... 'Friday at 4'...the fraternities tapped the first keg. I was generally there, supervising.