Celebrating ourselves!

E- During a moment of 'reflection' this week I realized that we had been in party mode for the month of October. Between birthdays, the Tribe and Halloween fun the month really did fly by! The great Indian summer weather has been a blessing as well for all of us. Our near World Series win was so exciting and waking up this am I did not feel defeated or sad. We still have a lot to smile about!

We can smile because we are all here together, working together to provide care and support for one another. We can smile because each day begins and ends with so many 'thank yous' to everyone who passes thru the Parkway Project all in the name of lending a helping hand. We smile at Mass each week while accompanying our parents who continue to attend daily Mass because of the overall importance that Catholicism has played in their lives for over 60 years. We'd love to see you all smile back at us when we cross paths!! A smile is so appreciated and it's guaranteed to be reciprocated by T&G.

So please be mindful of turning a frown upside down when you approach T&G. G actually reads facial expressions more often these days as his ability to hear/understand people is becoming more difficult for him. And overall happy encounters seem to stick with G and he periodically mentions them the next day.

Happy November!