No luck today....

E- Today, 2 months after Sweet T's wedding ring went missing I thought for sure I'd find it as I disassembled the autumnal decor from my front porch. This was the area that she was last seen with the ring on Sept I really thought I just needed to sift through the planters, mums, pumpkins etc and it would turn up. No luck. 

I didn't even tell T or G the news although G did assist with loading pumpkins and hay bales into the wagon to haul to the curb. The project took twice as long with G's help but it was OK because he was busy and I wasn't in a hurry. We all know that attempting to hurry any project while accompanied by an individual with dementia is frowned upon and deep breathing is required as the individual may reload the pumpkins back to the front porch while you're not looking (true). 

Rest assured we will not lose any additional jewels. I have secured the remaining valuables in a safe spot. Fortunately she did not lose her original 55 year old wedding set, that I have secured for T's future use. The lost gem was the 'upgrade' ring that G gifted to her after they celebrated 25 years of marriage. 

Truth be told, uncovering a cure to this disease which has stripped our Mom of the ability to correctly feed herself would be worth all the diamonds in the world!