Familiar Faces

E- This morning I greeted my Dad as he ate his oatmeal mixed with coffee. I was sure to make eye contact with him before I started talking so he knew where the voice was coming from. He is definitely losing the ability to know where sound is coming from and his peripheral vision is also significantly altered so making eye contact is essential.

So as I rubbed his shoulder and we spoke of the cool temps he was grinning ear to ear while he looked at me. He put his hand on top of my hand and said "you look so much like one of my kids". I told him it was his lucky day because I am one of his kids and we live together. His reaction to that news was sooo joyful that I laughed out loud!

I recommended that he take off Mom's glasses and put on his own glasses then he will be able to recognize even MORE family members who will be arriving all day for the holiday weekend.  And let the games begin!