Complimenting the Caregivers

E- G was in a very good mood yesterday morning. I walked into their bathroom with the caregiver to check on a couple things and G was right behind us. I asked how he was feeling and he replied "I feel great especially having you 2 around".... I paused and waited for a mood swing or random/bizarre question but there was nothing but a smiling G in front of me. I told him that I was so happy to hear that and it should make for a great day! He agreed and turned around to walk out of the bathroom.

It was then that I noted his drawstring pants were on backwards. I didn't have the heart to tell him as he seemed so pleased with his complimentary disposition and I certainly was too! But the drawstrings were evident and would be on display all day if not corrected. Once again, our A+ caregiver stepped up and gently put her arm around him to inform him of the fashion mishap.

His first response was a 180 degree jump, which was the good humor way of turning the pants around. It was not successful but Kari was so everyone was dressed appropriately for Mass. Phew.