Calling Tokyo

J: Technology is advancing so quickly. At age 50 I feel like I am swimming upstream trying to keep up with all of the new ways we can communicate with each other.  My boys talk about Snapchats and Vines and Instagrams and I listen with my mouth hanging open trying not to drool as I try to absorb it all.  So it's no surprise that our senior citizens have an even harder time keeping up with it all.  

E and I have been hosting a lunch at our parish once a month for the daily mass crowd.  By and large this is a senior crowd.  We have been posting the invite in the parish bulletin asking for RSVPs to our emails or cell phones.  Lately the numbers attending the lunch have been dwindling.  We were trying to figure out why seniors wouldn't want to come to a free lunch, so we asked some of the attendees at the last lunch.  One lady was quick to point out that many seniors have only land lines and therefore can't call our cell phones.  As she told us this we heard many murmurs of assent.  Apparently many seniors think that you can't call a cell phone from a land line.  Well you can.  The next lunch is Friday December 16 after the 11:00 Mass.  If you want to come to lunch please call.  Anyway you can.

I was reminded of the need to point this out yesterday as I was talking to our dad.  He had come over while I was working on a real estate deal.  I had a bunch of notes spread out and he was reviewing the numbers as I worked.  This triggered his business man self and he instantly wanted to talk business.  He asked if I had a card, which I gave him.  He noted my phone number and asked if he could borrow my phone.  He then dialed my phone number, from my phone.  

I was unavailable.  

You can't make this stuff up.