Levity in laughter

After reading yesterday's post, it struck me as just how lucky we are that we have a family that appreciates and understands the gift of humor!

We didn't grow up with knee-slappin funny parents, but we did see a good amount of "dry humor" at situations that probably warranted an all out bout of hysteria, but that was not our parents' style.  As kids we all took it in and made of it what it was!  Having the last name that we did, set us up for a lifetime of "knick-names" that only bolstered ones need to gravitate towards humor as a way of coping.

Humor has been the greatest release these past few years, especially when we are all together.  Only a family who grew up together can appreciate the sheer craziness of this situation that is two parents having AD.  I am so grateful to my two sisters who deal with this each and every day and still find the humor in the "you can't make this shit up" kind of reality they are living in.

Thank you for sharing all the LOL's and LMAO's and keeping our reality real.  Love you both