Settling down since Sunday

E- More and more of our posts are regarding G as Sweet T remains so mild and agreeable....thankfully Monday greeted G with a near smile while he dined over breakfast. Surprisingly he was eating when I passed through the kitchen which is simply fascinating considering what he shoveled in at the Parkway dinner on Sunday night. (BTW the lack of full length mirror in his suite is a good thing...G would be shocked to view his entire person these days). So as he smiled over his oatmeal and did not seem to have a furrowed brow I quickly snuck out to exercise in preparation for a possible mood swing back to Hitler talk.

Although his overall disposition had returned to baseline which means the glass is still clearly half empty, his thought process is strictly focused on negative thinking. As we walked around the block on a picture perfect Cle day we discussed the size of the many trees and how they may fall on each of the houses at any time....and (as the insurance man thinks) did each homeowner have homeowner's insurance to manage this pending event. Before I could comment he also pointed out the many 'torched' telephone poles that must have  been the action of bad kids around town.  He then wrapped up Positive Thinking 101 by asking me how many bad guys live in our neighborhood. I quickly replied by telling him there are very few bad guys and most of them keep to themselves.

Just so you all know...everything is back to normal on the Parkway as of Monday 10/3. Bday plans are in the works for Sweet T's 77th on 10/7. Let's hope our world remains slow and steady with a hint of negativity and lost jewels...I don't want anyone feeling out of sorts!

Feel free to visit T on Friday for her Bday!!