Getting to Know You

J:  I took our dad to the doctor yesterday.  E thought it would be a good idea to have a medication review, so that was the reason for the visit.  By and large, it was a giant waste of time.  The NP was amazed at the amount of medication he takes and how little it seems to affect him.  She was unable to offer any suggestions, medically or otherwise, to alleviate his daily anxiety.   I honestly feel that G is somewhat of an anomaly; Patient #001 with this combination of symptoms. But at least the visit gave us something to do.

It was the trip home that made the day memorable.  As we pulled away from the office, he asked, very conversationally, where I had gone to high school.  He was surprised to hear that I had attended Magnificat, as that's where his daughters had attended.  He then asked if i had any children and was again surprised to hear that I have four.  Boys, nonetheless.  Turns out his girls are mothers to lots of boys.  We continued with the question and answer session all the way home.  I asked him how many kids he has and he said three.  (Sorry sibs - he didn't say which two he wasn't owning).  He was glad to hear that I liked tennis, as his daughters were good players.  And what are the odds that both his daughter and I both graduated from Notre Dame?  Small world.

What a strange, sinister disease this is that causes someone to remember so much about his kids but not recognize the kid sitting next to him.