Pitching In on the Parkway

E- One of our caregivers is out on medical leave for a few weeks so we have called in back up to cover the day shift hours 4 days per week. Much like the Tribe's amazing bullpen, we too have a Parkway bullpen that 'pitches' in the way WE need them to!! Not only are these ladies providing the routine daytime care that our parents require, but they're cooking, organizing, establishing communication logs and recommending helpful tips for T to avoid bathroom and health issues!

Our journey continues and through this process of managing an ongoing disease process we have truly realized our silver lining moment. Our caregivers (one and all) bring their many talents to our home and care for all of us like family. My boys know that they are under the watchful eyes of the caregivers as well, which is so appreciated! And Birthdays have never been so celebrated as they are with our great group of ladies...October was non stop gifts and celebrations!

Thanks again caregivers!!! And just to let our Cle readers know, the caregiver on medical leave is doing VERY well and will return soon!