It was one of those days...

E- "in other words" (as G likes to say so often then follow it up with more mumbling)...some people would say today was a 'shitty' day. T has been experiencing some abdominal issues...shooting pain appeared to be causing her to jump out of her chair all day today. I used a few nursing measures to relieve the discomfort but I have yet to fix Sweet T completely. G put forth his best nursing skills and offered cough drops to her..and all of us all day. When we refused he would eat them himself:) So he is no longer coughing and his cold is resolving. 

T is up and about this evening and seems to be feeling a bit better but I have not observed what I need to see to know her abdominal symptoms are fixed! I clocked out late afternoon to have a wisdom tooth extracted so we will continue all GI clean out measures tomorrow. Wish us luck!! 

We MUST have her in tip top shape for the Tribe game tomorrow!