Don't Despair

J: We heard a great homily today about not falling into despair.  I came out of church determined to keep an optimistic attitude all day.  I gave a jaunty wave as I drove past my parents on my way to the gym. But my optimism took a quick riverside when I saw the despair on my dad's face.  I quickly pulled over and began to try to untangle all of the problems causing his despair.  

The chief complaint today centered on the morning caregiver.  According to G, he was certain that not only was she actively stealing his golf clubs, but she also had ties to Hitler.  I'm not sure that either of those allegations were true in the least, but what I do know to be true is that he had not taken his medication.  That was despair inducing for certain.  I quickly tried to right the ship by dosing him with an extra "frankie" and decided that an extra run through church was probably in order.   Hopefully he heard the same "don't despair" homily that we heard. 

The results remain to be seen.  We are here deep in the fourth quarter of the Browns' game (again, despair inducing for certain) and he is looking to go home.  Time for a Dortmunder . . .