Birthday Celebrations

E- We celebrated G's Bday on Sun at the zoo and Sun night with the Parkway Project family members plus G's sister. G was not at the top of his game due to a bad cough/cold which exhausted my supply of napkins and Kleenex all while he ate his dinner. He seems to have lost his 'germ spreading' manners...used tissues everywhere! His sister was rather grossed out.

We sang Happy Bday while he was violently blowing his nose then J and I opened all his gifts for him:) He was ready for bed at 7:00 and tucked in while Aunt MA stayed to visit and recover from the dinner act .  T was still up and ready to party like a Libra! So we all visited with my son and his girlfriend who may never return to our home after witnessing the dinner act! Thankfully my son and his girlfriend are both nursing students so this could practically count for clinical hours!

The Parkway Project is a big part of our lives right now and all are welcome to join us. We have adjusted to so many 'situations' that some of T and G's habits don't even phase me anymore. So enter if you's a "Fun House" of sorts! We won't trap you and we guarantee an interesting visit...and yes, we serve drinks too!

Two Oct Bdays down...2 to go!!! (Happy Bday K in Dallas)