Party on!!

E- G appears starved for attention!! Today he traveled the Parkway carrying his golf clubs. I stopped him dead in his tracks on his second run down the street...sometimes us kid/parents have to draw the line like back in the day. Knowing that 356 walks per day are unusual but acceptable compared to carrying an entire set of golf clubs down a residential street. So I did just that which created a last minute invite for G to attend T's hair appointment but it prevented Golf Digest from an embarrassing photo op on the Parkway. Unfortunately he escaped from the hair salon and was found receiving multiple TRUMP yard signs from an idiot who had no idea who he had encountered (other than an older guy wearing the Trump hat). So now the caregiver has T in a full curler set and G rearranging his TRUMP yard signs in the hair salon. Yes...this is ALL TRUTH... no fiction...

Looking ahead...the weather is promising for Sunday morning at the Cle metro parks zoo..G's 77th birthday!  Please join us for the celebration at 10 am at the pavilion area just inside the entrance of the zoo (to the right). We need to ring in his bday and our 1 year anniversary of TRUTH v FICTION..Yes it has been one year since the move to the Parkway. Can I get an AMEN!! 

Party on!! We'd love to see you on Sunday!!