A Nurturing Side of G

E- Last night we had a caregiver appreciation night at Angelo's Pizza and raised money for Alz research at the same time! Angelo's donated 20% of their proceeds last night to Alz Association so it was a win win for everyone.

Some of the caregivers who were present work night shift with my parents. These ladies are so appreciated by my entire family but we don't always see them to tell them thanks!

So last night they were sharing the pre-dawn tales of the Daisies. Apparently my Dad is up and about several times each night, always needing assistance to get his shoes on each time. Once our parents are back in their bed and the caregiver has returned to her bed, our Dad gets up to cover the caregiver with blankets and say goodnight to her.

It's nice to hear that he is thinking about the comfort of our wonderful caregivers! A good man for certain and he still displays his kindness, albeit in the dark of night!