Tough times for G

E- Our Dad is losing verbal skills very quickly. He logged approximately 59,641 steps this weekend walking the neighborhood because it's the only thing he can do without frustration. Each attempt to initiate a conversation with anyone would fail miserably, so out the door again to pound the pavement. Yesterday while informing him that T was eating breakfast he looked at me and said "Easter Bunny?" Hearing may be an issue but a definite issue has always been selective hearing, so who knows. I am not sure he could even be assessed for hearing loss at this point. 

A constant issue is that he has no interests other than drinking Dortmunder. I spent most of today running errands with him and attempting to engage him in household chores with me. He would eagerly agree and then quickly abandon the scene quickly to look for the people and the car that was coming to pick him up. 

Lat night my son's college rugby team came over for dinner. The 16 guys poured into our kitchen and I worried for a minute that T&G would get lost in the crowd. While T did sit quietly in the same spot and smile at everyone, G was full of football talk and questions for the boys. The questions were the same ones repeated many times but the boys were very polite and patient with him. After G helped clean up he accompanied me to buy ice cream for everyone. G even told the line of people at the ice cream store about all the football players at our house! He attempted to make a cone for all of them too which didn't work out but he managed to make one for himself. 

How could I forget that the guy's guy would LOVE a dinner party for St Vincent football players (as he assumed they were from St Vincent and a football team). He smiled and laughed more during dinner than he did all weekend. So we will feed the team again Nov 6 since last night was a success. Anything to make things a little less tough for G!