It's Just Lunch

J:  There's a popular dating service that brings potential couples together over lunch.  It boasts thousands of successful matches and credits its success to the non-threatening begins of each date: they meet for lunch.  Yesterday we resumed the lunch club at our parish.  Once a month, on the last Friday, we offer lunch after the daily mass.  The crowd is generally made up of seniors, as they are the daily mass attendees.  The lunch is simple, soup and sandwiches. We provide entertainment in the form of an excellent piano player who knows lots of the oldies.  It is so much fun!  It brings people together for a reason- to share a meal.  But it does so much more than that.  It connects people.  

When we first started the lunch early last year, many people told us that they had been attending mass for years and never knew the name of the guy sitting in front of them or across the aisle.  Lots of the people at lunch have lost a spouse, so they don't have someone to talk to everyday.  Most are retired, so they have lots of time to fill each day - the lunch is a wonderful way to wile away an hour or two, connecting with old friends or making new ones. 

We began the lunch as a way to give our parents more to do.  Our dad helps with set up and clean up.  It gives him a plan for the day.  So we are accomplishing lots of things with our simple lunch.  He was a little upset yesterday to hear that we were not serving Dortmunder.  Maybe if we did offer an open bar, we could also advertise as a dating service . . .

The next lunch is Friday, October 28.  All are welcome!